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Our Story

Heart + Soil is based on the idea that bringing together the right natural ingredients in the right formulation leads to something unique and wonderful. That’s kind of been the story of this company from the start, when Tom and Katie first met in a natural grocery store in 2015—Tom was a regular shopper and Katie worked in the apothecary. As their relationship grew, so did their mutual interest in creating something that reflected their passion for the environment and their belief in the importance of self-care and well-being. Having studied clinical herbalism with renowned herbalist Rosemary Gladstar, Katie began developing her own balms and creams and eventually enrolled at Formula Botanica to continue her studies in organic skincare formulation.

Heart + Soil was born—a full skincare line formulated using the time-tested methods of traditional herbalism, derived from plants and botanicals that grow regionally and are sourced locally. Launching the company has not only allowed Katie to pursue her passion, but also afforded Tom the opportunity to tap into his expertise in photography, design, and advertising. Together they are building a brand that reflects their ideals and provides customers with products they can truly feel good about.

As Heart + Soil continues to grow, its product ingredients, packaging, sources, and business partners will continue to be selected with the same thoughtfulness, consideration, and care for the planet that the company name implies.